28 Day
Fast & Fierce
For 28 Days, I will be working with you to transform your whole body! You'll receive daily videos of exercises, nutrition planning and encouragement so you get the most out of each daily. Your daily workouts will be about 30 minutes or less so you quickly start to see full transformations!
Enhance Your Fitness
Find out how to achieve perfect fitness with my specialized training.

Flexible Timing
Get fit at your own pace.
Watch the videos whenever it is most convenient!
My videos are knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. They motivate you to get going and get results.
Find Your Focus
Discover which exercises give you the best results. I help you find the perfect workout-life balance.
Who is this for?
This is the perfect reboot program for YOU! It is a program I created for the busy mom (is there any other kind of mom really?) And the working professional who wants to maximize their results in a short amount of time. It's perfect for you if you want an easy to follow workout that you can do any where at anytime. No gym, no equipment, and no-nonsense. Leave out the guess work of what types of exercises you should do to lose weight, strengthen the body and lose inches! I created this workout for you!

How does this program work?
For 28 Days I will be working with you on this program that focuses on your entire body. Each workout day I will send you an email video of the exercises and a description on how to do them correctly so you get the most out of each move. On the the days without workouts from me you can either do cardio or another workout of your choice. You will still receive an email from me with nutrition planning, easy to make recipes, and of course encouragement and support from me. I will be with you the whole way through.

It can be done at home or the gym, no equipment needed - just a floor and maybe a chair back for some of the barre workouts! You will also be part of my PRIVATE Facebook group where you will have complete access to me and my featured Fitness Experts.

In addition to the content, as a member of this group you will receive:
  • All the tools necessary to Succeed!
  •  Encouragement
  •  Answers to your questions
  •  Motivation
  •  Accountability
  •  Family-friendly recipes; how my family and I actually eat
  •  Short, effective workouts that don’t take lots of time that you can do ANYWHERE using only your own bodyweight!
  •  You will meet new people to add to your personal 'support' team to help each other!
Why should I join?
Now is the time to jump start a healthy habit of being physically active on a daily basis. It won't take a ton of time, and you don't have to go anywhere - these are usually the top "excuses of why I can't". I want to make it easy as to "why YOU CAN". 

I am excited to work with you and have you become part of our Mak Attack Fitness Pack!
Sign up above to join the jumpstart and get fit in no time.